Newsprint Cowl

Heeeyyy Knitter,

I'm teaching a class on the brioche stitch at one of our local yarn stores, Stix. I wanted to do brioche in the round, and I love the Honey Cowl that we've all made, and this is what I came up with:

This is an oversized brioche cowl, knit in the round. Two skeins of yarn are worked in paired rows. During the first round, the dark is worked, and carried over the light, which is slipped, via yarn over. The next round, the light is worked and carried over the dark.
The width of this cowl may be adjusted by casting on any even number of stitches.
Please note: some abbreviations are not traditional.
Yarn: Two different colors of any worsted weight yarn. For the purpose of clarity, one skein will be called dark (D), one will be called light (L). 
Needle: Size 8 US (5.0 mm) 24” circular needle.

k - knit
p - purl
s - slip (as if to purl)
yf - yarn forward (bring your working yarn to the front)
yo - yarn over
st - stitch
p2tog - purl the slipped D stitch and its corresponding L yarn over together.
k2tog - knit the slipped L stitch and its corresponding D yarn over together.

With D: cast on 160 stitches using a long tail cast on. 

Join L at the end opposite your working D yarn and begin next round.
Set up round with L: *k1, yf, s1* repeat between the *’s to end of row. Be sure to leave the yarn in back at the end of the row, laying across the slipped stitch. This maintains the last yo. 

After completing this, you should see one knitted L stitch, then a L yarn over that crosses over the slipped D stitch, repeated around. There should be a yarn over that crosses over every slipped stitch throughout the pattern.
Being cautious not to twist, join in the round and begin.
The remainder of the pattern is knitted by repeating these next two rows.
Round 1 (with D): with yarn in front, *s1, yo, p2tog* repeat between the *‘s to end of row. D will always hang in front of the work at the end of the row.
Please note: When making a yarn over, because your yarn is already in front of the needle, the yarn will be going from front to back then around the needle to the front again - wrapped completely around the needle, and crossing over the slipped L st.
Round 2 (with L): *k2tog, yf, s1* repeat between the *’s to the end of the row. Again, be sure to leave the yarn in back at the end of the row, laying across the slipped stitch. L will always hang to the back of the work at the end of the row.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until the cowl has reached desired length (the pictured cowl is around 10”), then bind off loosely using the following technique: 
*knit 2 together through the back loop, return the stitch to the left hand needle* repeat between *’s until end all stitches have been completed.
Weave in ends, and block, stretching width-wise to emphasize the stitch.


By using this pattern, you agree to use it only for your personal non-commercial use. Please do not reproduce or sell the pattern without explicit consent from Haven Leavitt.

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